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A cute college babe meets a guy in her college and the two become friends. The couple start meeting each other outside of college and the two develop feelings for each other.

One day there is no one at the girl’s place as her family has gone to attend a family wedding. The guy reaches the girl’s place within an hour and the two start chatting.

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The chatting leads to casual flirting and the boy friend starts making double meaning references and leans in to kiss the girl. The girl kisses him on his lips and the exchange their saliva as they kiss each other deeply. The girl then takes her top off and the guy starts fondling her boobs over the bra.

The girl friend then unhooks her bra so that her boy friend can have free access to her boobs and the boy friend starts pressing and mauling her boobs in his hands and twists the nipples with his forefinger nd thumb as the girl friend moans in pleasure.

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